Chiropractor in Fayetteville, Arkansas

Pediatric, Family & Sports Chiropractic

Dr. Megan has been around chiropractic since she was 16 years old and her life was changed for the better once receiving regular chiropractic care. Getting off multiple medications, stopping all medical testing and living the life of a 16 year old, drove her to want to become a chiropractor as well. She was on a fast track through school with the drive and passion to help others through chiropractic and was one of the youngest in her graduating class. She finished with two bachelor degrees and her doctorate of chiropractic in 2009. She practiced at a top quality, high volume office in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She has been back and serving in the Northwest Arkansas area for 3 years. 

Her focus is on families and she has been trained in pediatric, family, and sports chiropractic. Other specialties include cranial work, extremity work and various techniques to adjust and correct spinal misalignments.

   No contracts, no membership, no hassle! 

Service Rates:
Initial Visit: $115 (includes adjustment)
Follow up adjustment: $35
All adjustments include Muscle Stim and Ultrasound when indicated)

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